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Celebrate Canela´s amazing feat with our special edition T-ONE t-shirt. Buy now.

AER3A T-ONE Destino Canela Special Edition

Updated: January 2013

After more than four years, the dream of the boys from Canela finally came true. Celebrate this amazing feat with the exclusively, limited edition of the AER3A´s T-ONE.

This is an AER3A endevour, one of our sponsors. Concepted, designed and produced in South Brazil, the T-ONE is 100% tailored with revolutionary CloudConfort. This all-natural fabric is made exclusively with our fines crop selections just to assure you the smoothest cottom ever imagined.

Furthermore, for every T-ONE Destino Canela Special Edition sold, some of its profit will be destined to our project. You are going to be helping Destino Canela´s brand and future projects that are currently in development.

To shop and know more about the T-ONE Destino Canela Special Edition please visit We´re currently delivering anywhere in the world!

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