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The Destino Canela Project

The Project

To sail around the world starting in San Diego, California and breezing through all the seas, oceans and sights along our great planet.

With several stops during the course, the journey will require around 4 years to be done and their destiny is, of course, hometown Canela, Brazil.

Destino Canela wants to show everyone what sailing is all about."

Primary Goals

The Destino Canela project will take three adventurers from major spot town Canela, (one of the most visited cities of South Brazil - best known as the most developed part of this amazing country) thru a journey around the planet boarding a sailboat. A life dream for most of us, the excited team also like to point some of the following goals to achieve during and after the trip:

To help beautiful and cosy Canela and Rio Grande do Sul state better known around the world.
Both tourism boureaus (city and state) are already teamed in the project. They'll provide brochures, postcards and everything else needed to market this destinies around the world. The crew is fully prepared to evangelize Serra Gaucha, presenting and giving material for all tourism organizations along the way.

To help make offshore sailing more popular and/or appealing in Brazil.
Sailboat in Brazil is really undeveloped compared to other countries. It is very likely to sail around the world and not find a brazilian boat abroad. The four members of Destino Canela will like to see a different reality in the next years or decades. The crew wants to show the country's public opinion how simple and cheap sailing can be and what kind of needs it takes to make sailing possible and affordable.

… and also racing
Destino Canela's going to participate in many international regattas. Canela, Rio Grande do Sul state and Brazil will be represented in all of them. Good results can lead to press repercussion along the country, another goal for our team.

To touch the young spirits Destino Canela would like to see kids and teenagers more interested in boats, sailing, sports and adventures in general. The crew have a deep desire and will work very hard to help increase sail awareness among Brazilian youngsters.

Promote sustainable development actions Canela is a small town in the mountains surrounded by parks, rivers, lakes and everything that's beautiful and pure. It's in its citizens core the will to protect and defend nature from any harm or mispractice. This four canelenses are willing to extend this lifestyle across the oceans, spreading the message through nature-friendly practices that are common in boats and showing how simple is to adapt our everyday life into a greener ways to keep our planet healthy and breathing.

"The world is huge, but our desire is to show how small this place becomes when you're aboard on a sailboat surrounded by nature and your best friends."


The journey will be divided in four major stages:

Stage 1: San Diego - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama;

Stage 2: Panama - Galapagos - Polinesia - New Zealand;

Stage 3: Australia - Indonesia - Red Sea - Suez Canal;

Stage 4: Europe - Brazil;

Stage 3: Thailand - Sri Lanka - Maldives - Mauritius - Madasgascar;

Stage 4: South Africa - Brazil

The main project is to sail around the world with scheduled stops on ports along the way. The trip will be finished when the crew, four years after the start, arrive on (or close to) Canela, located 70 kilometers far and 820 meters above the Atlantic Ocean.

The Canela Sailboat

The sailboat will be bought in California, USA in early 2008. The boat size required for such a trip has to be between 40 and 50 feet. It will be good enough for a crew of four and its luggage and equipment. The Canela will have all modern navigation devices available and the proper safety equipment for the best support.


The journey will start on 2008 and is scheduled to take 4 years to be complete.

Quantitative goals

Visited Countries: 43

Participation in regattas: 15

Sailed nautical miles: 31000;

Duration: 4 years

For more info, please contact us.

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